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Intro and The Blue Ones


I haven't yet introduced myself :o). I am Vivianne, 20 years old, living in New England. My interests are far too numerous to list, but include reading, books, gaming, writing, fantasy, farming, singing, theatre, drawing, learning, history, physics, and nearly infinitely more :o). I thought I would start with a story that I wrote this summer, based somewhat on an experience that I had. Most of my writings will be a little more descriptive and archaically~themed, but this one is short :o)...criticism and suggestions welcome!

The slanting rays of a setting sun shone warmly on Eric's left arm, as his van sped along. On both side of the lonely country road were fields, trees, and the occasional dilapidated farm house, cowering low under the harsh weight of the passing years. The path wound now and again through patches of woods, past lakes, and over bridges, breaking up the flat view. Eric reached over with his right hand to the quickly scrawled directions, and again at the map, wondering how long he could expect before he reached his destination. They would be expecting him at the cabin tonight, and he would certainly miss a lot of fun....but he really didn't want to risk the wrath of these country police!

Hours went by in the quiet agrarian way, and became was very dark. The dusky black of the sky, pierced with abundant points of light vaulted over the van. The road entered a forest, and did't soon return to the open areas as it had before.

"Good, it's about time," He said, peering forward into the woods. The cabin was another 100 miles of so, almost completely on the other side of this forest, so the map said! Eric figured in his head, and decided to try to make it through tonight....after all, there was really nowhere to stay between here and there.

Another hour and he was yawning dangerously, thinking perhaps he should have stopped for the night before he entered these woods. After nearly falling asleep twice, the safest thing to do looked like camping out, no matter how far he was from anyone. He slowed the car down, and searched both sides of the road as he passed, looking for a clearing of some sort to pull into. Soon, he saw one on the right, and pulled the van off the road. It might be exiting to sleep out there in the woods! An adventure!

It was a warm night, and a little uncomfortable to sleep in the car, so he decided to set up his small tent by flashlight. The breeze was refreshing, and he got the tent set up with not too much trouble. He crawled, made himself comfortable, and was asleep in minutes. Sometime later, drops of water were hitting his face, startling him awake. He looked up, and saw the leak in the roof of the tent.

"Some adventure!" Eric choked out still half asleep. It was still coming down steadily, and he couldn't get back to sleep...and besides, the rain had made in cold! The car began to sound more comfortable with each passing second, and he soon decided to make a dash back, taking the tent down in the morning.

Inside the mini-van, his bundle of clothing made a very nice pillow, and his sleeping bag a blanket across the middle seat. He began to feel tired again, getting a little warmer before sleeping again. He woke with a start many hours later, but still in the black night. The nightmare still played on in his head and he shivered, but not with cold this time. The rain had slowed, and the occasional drop could be heard on the roof of the car. The silence of the wood outside the car was complete soon, and he lay back down, closing his eyes and trying to calm down.

Soon, he noticed the light begin to change through his closed eyes. There were no homes or light near enough to see, so it should have been completely dark, but now there seemed to be a soft blue glow. Eric sat up in the car to look around....and almost screamed in terror!

Standing in a circle around the car about 5 feet away, stood children. They stood calmly side by side watching the boy with a what appeared to be a total lack of interest. They were of normal height and build, wearing similar but not identical nondescript clothing. About 2 dozen in all, they stood silent observing Eric. All of their eyes glowed with a cold blue light, and if you looked into them, seemed to swirl and spin like galaxies.

The boy sat, terrified, unable to move. The children continued to stand motionless, watching, and nothing happened. After waiting in unimaginable dread for them to make some motion of threat, he could only lie down, trying to convince himself that he was imagining it. He lay, eyes wide open, bathed in the blue light, try ot think of anything but the children. As he lay, a thought began to form itself in his mind. The Blue Ones were simply watching, waiting. In vain, he tried not to look at the idea, just as he tried not to look at the creatures surrounding him. The more he tried to look away, the bigger and stronger the thought grew. It seemed to feed on his fear, drawing all his attention and energy toward it. It continued to grow, until it was a huge pulsating mass in his head. All of his other fears and hopes and joys swirled around it, joining it, until it had control over him. His breath, thoughts, and motions were caught up in the throbbing rhythym. Too terrified ever to scream, only this one thought ran through his mind:

"The Blue ones are watching.....they are waiting....what will they do? What will the Blue Ones do? Why do they just stand, motionless.....watching......The Blue Ones.......why.....they are watching.......their eyes....pulsing....................."

Eventually, the rhythmic twitching of his body slowed and ceased. He lay perfectly still and cold, eyes wide open staring into nothing. No breathe, no motion....just like The Blue Ones.

And still, The Blue Ones watched.

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