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Date:2008-03-17 23:36

Привет всем!

Я тут совсем не долго, давайте знакомиться!

Вот, если что, мой адрес: kjk123@inbox.ru

_____°$$$$_______$°__°$______$°__°$_______$$$$$$_______ __

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Date:2006-11-18 00:56

i guess i should probably do this at some point. i joined this community a few days ago, and am really looking forward to being a part of it. i'm not sure that i'll have all that much to contribute to begin with, as i am just beginning my journey. i've always considered myself an atheist or an agnostic. my husband is a buddhist, and i've done a lot of reading and research on various relions and spiritual beliefs, only to find that none of them "fit" me. however, this is different...from the moment that i stepped into this realm (pagan & wiccan), i've felt at "home". i'm still very much a beginner, and i'm still trying to find my specific path, but i do feel that i am finally pointed towards the direction of the paths that are meant for me. and it feels good - really good.

anyway, my name is kym, but for all intents and purposes, please refer to me as "datura". i'm 32, married, have a 13 year old son and 8 indoor cats. we recently just moved back to northwest ohio from michigan to care for my elderly parents. currently, i am just beginning to study the very basics. i've picked up several books, visited a spiritual "variety" store not too far from here (where i've collected quite a few items to aid in my study), and i've also signed up online with magicka shool, tarot college, witch school, and the pagan college. i'm not certain as to the quality of any of these, but i figure they will at least give me a general base from which to start.

i guess that's it for now. i just wanted to say hello and to introduce myself. i'm sorry if you see this cross-posted to some different communities - i've joined a lot as of late, and i'm not feeling up to writing a seperate intro for each one.

i'm really looking forward to being in this community, learning from all of you, and hopefully making some new friends that take me seriously throughout this learning process. if you have any questions for me, ask away - i'm pretty much an open book.

i hope this finds everyone well.


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Date:2006-02-12 17:44
Mood: lethargic

If you could read the short intro behind the cut below, and tell me:
1. Do you sense info-dump?
2. Are you at ALL drawn in - and how could it be more arresting?
3. Does it flow? Or does it show signs of over-editing?
4. WHAT can I do to make this a better opening?

Most importantly...
5. Would you read more? ;) (honestly!!)

Thank you!

Braving the Winter
First few paragraphs, ~500 wordsCollapse )

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Date:2005-11-03 00:04
Subject:I am new
Mood: calm

I want to say hello and i am new on here i have been practicing wicca and pagan for 11 years. My boy friend is a shaman and he also practices some pagan and wicca he has been practicing for quiet sometime , so i hope you welcome me ..I am 27 female live in tricitys wa ....

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Date:2005-10-14 17:25

Hi Everyone.

I'm RAD (my initials). I'm a fourteen-year-old, so I'm probably younger and less experienced then most of you all. I AM a fantasy-fiction writter though. a summary of the novel I hope to publish one day is on my journal. I have four chapters of it but I've recently decided to redo the entire series so as soon as I finish the new first chapter I'll post it up here for you guys.

Please, if you have the time, look at my journal and leave a comment telling me if you like the summary of my book and if it sounds interesting. I'm desperate for feed-back and anything would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Date:2005-01-01 02:55
Subject:I think people will like this community


You dont have to live in southern california to join

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Date:2004-12-31 16:46
Subject:Merry Meet

Hi my name is Alicia Merry meet I live in Los angeles california I am a practicing sorceress from the ancient times reborn... been practicing for 21 years now i like to shoot energy bolts from my fingers and create thunderstorms, wind, and some earthquakes which I lay off the earthquakes I didnt do the tsunami so dont blame me.. lol I am one with nature and I love hanging out in the cemetery I consider myself pagan and have some pagan meetups in hollywood and santa monica i organize if you wanna know more add me

blessed be


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Date:2004-03-31 19:34
Subject:Hair Colours


I was thinking of favourite euphemisms for various hair colors for writing, and I came up with the following list which I thought these might of use to all of you....all in a nice neat arrangement:

~*Brown Hair Synonyms*~
amber, auburn, bay, buff, burnt sienna, chestnut, cinnamon, cocoa, copper, dusky, fawn, ginger, hazel, henna, mahogany, nut, ochre, russet, rust, sepia, sorrel, tan, tawny, terra-cotta, toast, umber

~*Blonde Hair Synonyms*~
bisque, champagne, cream, fair, fair-haired, flaxen, golden, halcyon, honey, ivory, light, pale, platinum, sandy-haired, snowy, straw, strawberry, saffron

~*Red Hair Synonyms*~
bittersweet, blood, bloodshot, blooming, blush, brick, burgundy, cardinal, carmine, cerise, cherry, chestnut, claret, copper, coral, crimson, dahlia, damask, flaming, florid, flushed, fuchsia, garnet, geranium, glowing, healthy, inflamed, maroon, rose, roseate, rosy, ruby, ruddy, russet, rust, salmon, sanguine, scarlet, titian, vermilion, wine

~*Black Hair Synonyms*~
charcoal, clouded, dusky, ebon, ebony, inklike, jet, murky, obsidian, onyx, pitch-dark, raven, sable, shadowy, slate, somber, sombre, sooty, starless, swart, swarthy

~*Grey Hair Synonyms*~
ash, ashen, cinereal, clouded, dappled, dingy, dove, drab, dusky, dusty, grey, heather, iron, lead, leaden, livid, mousy, neutral, oyster, pearly, peppery, powder, sere, shaded, silvered, silvery, slate, smoky, somber, stone

~*White Hair Synonyms*~
alabaster, ashen, blanched, bleached, bloodless, chalky, frosted, ivory, light, milky, pallid, pasty, pearly, pure, silver, silvery, snowy, stainless, wan, waxen

And that is that....have fun with the pretty words :o)

Blessings and Colour,
~*The Lilac Princess*~

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Date:2004-03-18 16:03
Subject:~Book Lists~


I am in a bookish mood, and so I present the following:

I have created a page for the most favourite of my vintage tomes, and here is where they dwell: ~Vintage Books~. I do so love them! Not any that are *especially* old or of value, but I love them nonetheless :o). Wondrous to meet you all!

Simply because I feel like it, these are all the things I am re/reading~

~Complete Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde
~Triumph of the Moon: History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft
~Bulfinch's Mythology
~A Little Princess by Frances Hodgsen Burnett
~Emiliy's Quest by LM Montgomery
~Various poetry: Moore, Keats, Swinburne, Hafiz, Anacreon, etc.
~The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
~Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice
~The Decameron by Boccaccio
~The Metamorphoses of Ovid
~A History of Pagan Europe
~Possesion: A Romance
~The Alphabet Versus the Goddess, The Conflict of Word and Image by Leonard Schlain
~Oxford History of Mediaeval Europe
~The Dancing Wu Li Masters
~Lady Chatterly's Lover by DH Lawrence

And yes...I am currently reading *all* those :o). What are you all reading? Do share your current lists with me!

*Cross~Posted lots...sorry, have to share the book love!*

By the by, I apologize if this is off topic, and I will certainly delete if it is so :o)

Blessings and Shimmer,
~*The Lilac Princess*~

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Date:2003-11-28 20:40
Subject:Intro and The Blue Ones


I haven't yet introduced myself :o). I am Vivianne, 20 years old, living in New England. My interests are far too numerous to list, but include reading, books, gaming, writing, fantasy, farming, singing, theatre, drawing, learning, history, physics, and nearly infinitely more :o). I thought I would start with a story that I wrote this summer, based somewhat on an experience that I had. Most of my writings will be a little more descriptive and archaically~themed, but this one is short :o)...criticism and suggestions welcome!

The Blue OnesCollapse )
X~posted a bit

Frolics off to her Cave of Wonder
Blessings and Moonglow
~*The Lilac Princess*~

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Date:2003-10-29 12:32
Subject:Just a poem
Mood: optimistic

Cross posted to cerulean_snow, silverquills, spellweavers and fantasywriters

The Fall of Sinor - Verse OneCollapse )

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Date:2003-10-08 22:18
Subject:Any comment welcome
Mood: exhausted

Title: Interview With a Valencius
Author: S. J. Smith
Rating: G
Everything Else: Mention of drinking blood, well they are vampires

This is the last of the shorts to go on my website. So again any comments would be gratefully received.

cross posted to silverquills, spellweavers and cerulean_snow

Interview With a ValenciusCollapse )

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Date:2003-10-08 10:48
Subject:any comments please
Mood: grateful

Hi Folks,

Another short I wanna get up on my site in prep for world fantasy con, soooo, any probs with it let me know.

Title: Elrondy Spode and the Case of the Missing IT
Author: S. J. Smith
Rating: PG -13
Everything Else: A non-serious cross breed of LOTR, The Maltese Falcon and Mickey Spillane, with the intention of serialising a novel length story on my web page just for the hell of it.

Hugs and thanks in advance to y'all.

Cross posted to silverquills, spellweavers and cerulean_snow

Elrondy Spode in The Case of the Missing ITCollapse )

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Date:2003-10-05 12:55
Subject:Comments welcomed
Mood: artistic

Title: Huw Do You Do
Author: S. J. Smith
Rating: PG13 (I guess)
Everything else: Mature innuendo's, mild comic violence, don't drink your coke while you read it. An intro to the novel I've written and trying to sell, want to put this on my website and would be grateful for any corrections, comments or fuzzy bits that anyone can find. Thanks, SJ

Huw Do You Do?Collapse )

Cross posted to spellweavers, cerulean_snow and silverquillls

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Date:2003-10-05 02:02
Subject:*pokes her nose in*
Mood: chipper

Hi all. I'm new to the community, so... Here's my introduction. ^_^ Something no one else did... So maybe I'm insane or something, but... I do love the fantasy, and writing in general, and while I'm not exactly the world's GREATEST author... I do have my own little corner of fictionpress.net staked out, and I'd love input on stuff, when I get around to pasting new-ness here. ^_^ Gonna do the same for everyone else, so this'll be fun.


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Date:2003-09-29 16:44
Subject:Intro to Trials of Stoken
Mood: chipper

Summary: Stolken is a carpenter/builder in a small town in a very rural part of the the country of Methea. We come into the story the night before his daughter's wedding. A night when dark rumors are aprowl. This is really an pre-intro to a novel which is in the planning.
Disclaimer: This is all fiction, any resemblance to persons or places are entirely accidental
Pairing: Stolken and Lara (husband and wife} Julis and Hal to be married.
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: General,
Warnings: a very little violence

The Trials of StolkenCollapse )

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Date:2003-09-28 19:09
Subject:Tales from the Wayward Bard
Mood: accomplished

This story begins just before the opening of "With Nine You Get Vanyr", a yet unpublished book by Teri Smith and Jean Marie Ward. As always, all material and characters are copyrighted and usable only by myself and Jean Marie Ward. This story is cross-posted to both Silver Quills and Spell Weavers. Hope you enjoy.


Tales from the Wayward BardCollapse )

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